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Mason and I left Oklahoma for Colorado a couple months ago and started working as camp hosts on Grand Mesa. We did really well living out of our Jeep from that position to the move to Denver where Mason was working to save enough to get us into a place and to be a Signing Agent….but then our Jeep forever died! So now we are in a hurry to find an apartment but are still low on funds. We have a gofundme account set up to take donations to put into establishing residency and to get equipment (details on page). Please look it over, donate, or share! Mason is working really hard right now but we are hoping to get Noah into a place to settle for a while (maybe forever) and are hoping to get it done before the weather takes a change for the cold.

Thanks guys!

Hey everyone. I apologize for the hiatus on this page. Life has been crazy for us over the last several months, which is why I’m trying to get this spread around as much as I can. We are trying to get back on our feet and stable. So, I am asking you to donate if you can. If you can’t, I only ask that you share this. If some guy raised 46 grand for potato salad, surely someone out there can donate a few bucks to our little family in an effort to avoid being homeless.
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Despite how little I am able to post to this blog thanks to my hectic personal life, I keep getting new followers. You guys are keeping the love of the Z Car alive! Thanks to every one of you that has followed this page and I promise that once I have the ability, there will be much more activity here, along with pics of my own Z Car project (once I can put the money aside to do it). Happy second birthday to Z Car Fanatic! Thanks to all of you!

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This 280zx is doing it fucking right. 

I love a 280zx done right.


This 280zx is doing it fucking right. 

I love a 280zx done right.

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Dad’s photo


Dad’s photo

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Carbon Fiber S30 RB30 bottom end, RB26 head

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zedlove260z: Here a short vid, on a collection of 280zx’s in all their glory.

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This is absolute SEX. 

Unprotected SEX more like, lol.

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